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Industry Service is the first specialized company in Macedonia that implements complete solutions for organized collective nutrition and industrial catering as a service intended for the needs of companies that provide meals for their employees.

Activity and services

Industry Service performs its activity in three shifts, 365 days a year.
As a food operator, the realization of the service - delivery of a complete menu meal, we can offer in several ways depending on the capabilities and needs of customers:
1. Preparation of meals within the client's facility, if the client has his own kitchen and their serving within the canteen.
2. Preparation of meals in our Central Kitchen in Skopje, their distribution to the client's location and appropriate serving.
3. Delivery of packaged meals in certified disposable packaging.

Our professional team can offer you:

• Development and implementation of a conceptual and design solution for the organization of a modern canteen (kitchen, warehouse and dining room) with a specification of the necessary equipment for its smooth operation.
• Preparation of a complete report with product norms and required biological caloric values.
• Investing in fully equipping the kitchen.
Capacity and equipment
The technological process for food preparation is carried out in the most modern sanitary-technical working conditions, in accordance with the good production and hygienic practices and the requirements of the HACCP food safety system.
• Our Central Kitchen in Skopje has a daily capacity to prepare more than 10,000 meals, i.e. over 2,000,000 meals per year. The implemented advanced catering solutions and technological innovations to improve the quality and safety of food make this kitchen the largest and most technologically advanced in the Western Balkans.
• The implementation of the most innovative cooking process VarioCookingCenter as well as Rational SelfCookingCenter by the renowned German company Rational International AG provides rich nutrient retention in meals prepared with 80% reduced use of cooking oil.


Industry Service fully applies and meets the requirements of the standard for quality and food safety - ISO 22000 and has the appropriate international certification in each subsidiary.
Our company has also certified the Occupational Safety and Health Management System ISO 45001: 2018 and the HACCP System, through an internationally accredited certification body.

All questions and information, how to request a quote, please contact us on 02 2401500 and 02 2401200.
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