Vizus -Struchen sorabotnik Prof. D-r Sofronieva Ivanovska Gordana

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  • Address : Maksim Gorki 16
  • Place: Skopje
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Проф.Д-р Софрониева Ивановска Гордана
New style of vision in the city...

Casual, modern, classical, urban style..
Visus l.c. Export-import is a company established and working in the field of optics since 1994.
The company works with the following activities: sales, installation and service of dioptric glasses; sale and service of solar glasses (and sun glasses with diopter); the sale of semi-soft contact lenses; sale of cosmetic and prosthetic lenses; semi-hard and soft lenses for astigmatism; semi-hard and soft lenses for keratoconus; and any means to maintain the soft and semi-contact lenses.

Accessories that you can find in our store are : Microfiber rags for cleaning glasses, spray for cleaning glasses, cases for glasses and sun glasses, artificial tears, traditional and sport necklaces (for children and adults) Occluder to close one eye in children with strabismus, Fresnels prisms, reductive foil.
EXCLUSIVE!!! We offer polishing and diopter correction (increase or decrease) of semi-hard lenses.
Optics Visus has the privilege of having an associate leading expert in the field of ophthalmology, and it is D-r Gordana Sofronievska Ivanovska.
Dr. Gordana Sofronievska Ivanovski is an ophthalmologist, eye diseases specialist with over 30 years of experience. She is a specialist in diagnosis of lighter and heavier eye disease, such as the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, early diagnosis of glaucoma, keratoconus, eye problems in diabetes, as well as a lot of experience in refraction and problems with contact lenses.
In the last twenty years she is intensely engaged with the determination of all types of contact lenses: soft standard, cosmetic (lenses, soft for keratoconus, therapeutic and prosthetic lenses), semi solid and semi solid for keratoconus.

Also, prof. Sofronieva works with aids for those with damaged vision: magnifiers, telescopic glasses for short-sightedness and for reading and all that for best prices THROUGH THE HEALTH FUND !!!
Dr. Sofronievska works in her private eye clinic "Professor. Sofronieva " on str. Moskovska no. 5, near the green market Taftalidze. Contact phone / fax: +389 2 3076 117; +389 2 3069 540. Controls are in the morning from 9 to 14 and afternoon from 17 to 20 o'clock.
Despite detailed review that you get in the office, you can get an expert opinion about the selection of the most adequate framework for your diopter. You can have that in optics "Visus", located near the office.

The headquarters of the company is in Taftalidze 2, the green market, on the str. Moskovska No.5 which is the first store. The second store is the center on the st. Makedonija no.27.
If you think that cannot be better- ask again!
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