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    We are an international programming and mathematics school for children from 6 to 17 years old. We operate in over 90 countries and have over 1.1 million students. We work in groups of up to 12 students per group so that each student receives the necessary support. The transaction takes place online or at a location that is convenient for you. The kid doesn't have to have previous coding experience or a technical mindset. When they complete their course, they can move on to the next one to continue their studies and gradually become a professional Python developer.

    With us, your child will improve his results at school. With the help of mathematical thinking, we prepare children for their future professions in the most promising areas of the IT industry. Our lessons stimulate critical thinking and teamwork in children, we overcome the fear of making mistakes on the way to achieving qualifications that the world needs.

    Programming courses:
    • The Coding Knight (6-7 years)
    • Digital Literacy (7-9 years)
    • Visual Programming (9-12 years)
    • Video Content Makers (9-14 years)
    • Graphic Design (9-14 years)
    • Game Design (10-12 years)
    • Building Websites (11-14 years)
    • Python Start (12-13 years)
    • Python Pro (14-18 years)
    • Unity Game Development (12-17 years)

    How are the lessons going?
    • Here at the school, we have group lessons once a week or on weekends. During the 90 minutes of each lesson:
    • We review what we covered in the last lesson.
    • We learn a new topic in a playful way.
    • We do programming.
    • We have fun and do activities.
    • We discuss the outcome of the lesson.
    • We work at home in our workbooks and on the platform.

    Smart school book
    Your child learns at his own pace while our platform analyzes his progress and suggests tasks with the right level of difficulty

    Project Lab
    Our students put their knowledge into practice from their first classes: they build games in Scratch or develop applications in Python

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